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Henriette Hornstein
Assistant to CEO

Container Sales (new)

Container Sales (new)

New Containers

During the conception of new containers, we always take your individual needs into consideration. We will include your requests in the specification and manufacture the containers according to your demands.

Constant production and quality control by independent official experts of international classification companies assure that the high technical expectations of our customers are met.



Our containers are mostly made of very durable and highly stressable, corrosion-resistant steel, also known as “COR-TEN” steel. This is an alloyed steel that stands out because of its great weather-resistance.

As container paint, we utilize zinc dust gray as a foundation and paint materials on epoxy basis and we apply epoxy or acryl finishing as coating. Of course the inner paintwork of our containers is fully compatible with foodstuffs.

Our containers fully meet the stringent CSC guidelines and ISO standards.



ISO is the abbreviation for “International Standards Organization”. ISO is responsible for the international standards in most technical industries.



CSC is the abbreviation for “International Convention for Safe Containers”. This agreement aims to ensure a standard of safety as high as possible for protecting human life in handling, stacking and transporting containers. This applies to every container that is used for international transportation, with the exception of those, that are specially designed for air freight.