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Henriette Hornstein
Assistant to CEO

Container reconstruction/-repaint

Container reconstruction/-repaint

Container Reconstruction/-Repaint

You name your demands – we implement your reconstruction, fixture or repaint in every common RAL color.

Furthermore, you can find a great variety of specialized containers, which we construct according to customer demands. These include:


1. Office Containers
You need more office space or would like to move a department to a different region? Mobile office containers are a flexible and economic solution.

2. Mobile Homes
With mobile homes, you can create temporary premises in a quick and easy manner. They can be suitable for a comfortable stay even over a longer period.

3. Tire Containers
More storage capacities for tire- and car dealerships: Here you can store new and used tires safely and space-saving.

4. Furniture Containers
Perfect for furniture storage for stores and individuals: Valuable furnishings are safely kept and protected from weather influences.

5. Workshop Containers
Do you need a mobile workshop? Workshop containers offer project-related space and technical equipment in every location.


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